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Suicide Bereavement coaching with Caro Brookings For A Life After Suicide Loss

You are not alone.

It is possible to get the tools and support to make life livable again.

If you…

  • Feel overwhelming guilt about the suicide of your loved one
  • Struggle trying to understand why your loved one took their life
  • Dearly miss your loved one and you can’t believe you will never see them again
  • Have lots of questions and what ifs circling around your head non-stop
  • Are struggling with your grieving process and are triggered all the time

You do not have to suffer in silence.
With the right support you can learn how to cope with the devastating loss you have experienced.


Want to start moving forward with your life?

What’s included?

A supportive private Facebook group, including smaller breakout groups, where you can build real connections with others

Weekly Zoom get togethers facilitated by Caro, which give you the opportunity to share your experience or just listen to others

Here you can also get Caro’s advice and support with anything that’s on your mind.

Regular pre-recorded videos with encouragement and practical advice on issues you are facing on your suicide bereavement journey PLUS access to all existing videos

Regular guest speakers who will talk about a relevant topic to help you on your healing journey

Everyone who signs up gets a free 30 minute introductory call with me where I can get to know you and how I can best support you

You will get the tools and support you need to feel better and be happy again.

Having lost my much loved mother to suicide in November 2013, I have firsthand experience of the complex grief that comes along with that and so I can support you on your own unique suicide bereavement journey (even if you might not be sure what you need yourself). My calling in life is to help people like you who have suffered the same fate as me, which is why I became a suicide bereavement coach. I am a Certified NeuroCoachâ„¢ and I have successfully completed the ILCT Grief Coaching course, enabling me to give my clients permanent transformations.

And I can help you too in the community that I have built, where you can embrace your grief alongside other people who are trying to make life worth living again.

Here is what some Beacon Of Light members have to say…

Ms. A. Lusk (Atlanta, GA, USA)
Debbie W. (New Jersey, USA)
Ellen H. (Massachusetts, USA)
Allen S. (California, USA)

Beacon of Light has been carefully put together after speaking with many different people bereaved by suicide about their struggles and what support will be helpful to them. Caro has combined her vast knowledge and experience to make it a safe and supportive space for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.

Join today to start healing, to release any guilt you may be feeling and also to be able to assist your loved ones on their suicide bereavement journey. The devastating suicide loss you have experienced does not need to be at the forefront of your mind all the time.

There are two payment options. Both include…

  • A supportive community where you can build real connections with other group members
  • Weekly Zoom get togethers giving you the opportunity to chat with others and get support from Caro
  • Regular videos with advice and encouragement PLUS access to all existing videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Free 30 minute introductory call with Caro
USD 47 / month
Payment is due every 30 days.
USD 470 / year
Save $94 with the ANNUAL PLAN
(That’s TWO free months!)

Let’s get your questions answered!

Can I quit anytime?
Yes, absolutely! You are not locked into any minimum amount of time. All I ask is that you e-mail me at least 3 business days before your next payment is due.

Do you offer refunds?
No, sorry. All transactions are final.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?
No, just pick and choose which ones work for you.

What if I can’t make a live session?
Don’t worry. All live sessions are recorded and the replay will be available exclusively within our private Facebook group.

Do I have to speak and/or be on camera when I attend the sessions?
Definitely not. I know it can be daunting so do whatever works best for you. There is never any pressure to participate.

What makes your group different from others?
What I am offering is truly unique. Firstly, having lost my Mum to suicide, I completely understand the complexities of your grief and the devastation that suicide loss causes. Furthermore, I place great value on building real connections with other which I will enable you to do within the group. As long as you go all in, this group will provide you with everything you need to start healing.

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